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Thinking of converting your vehicle to a hybrid propane/gasoline system? Use our calculator to evaluate the savings you could enjoy. Enter your weekly gasoline consumption in the field below and the result will appear in the table that follows.

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Average price in Québec - week of June 6th, 2022

average price of gasoline per litre
average price of propane per litre
$7,500 *
price of the propane system and installation

* The cost of converting to a gasoline/propane hybrid engine can vary between $6,300 and $7,500 depending on the type of engine in the vehicle. Budget about $6,300 for a sequential injection engine conversion and $7,500 for a direct injection engine conversion. For the purpose of our example, our calculator is based on a cost of $7,500.

Gasoline consumption litres/week Monthly savings Annual savings Return on investment
135 liters $685.39 $8,224.63 11 months
200 liters $1,015.39 $12,184.64 7 months
It is preferable to look at your consumption at the pump rather than your mileage, since the engine of many service vehicles continues to run even when standing still.