The access card

The Alliance AutoPropane card is more than just a card: it’s your assurance of a reliable autogas supply, wherever you happen to be in Quebec. A single card gives you access to our entire network at all times. You also get 24-hour assistance in times of need.

What is the access card?

The operation of the card and network is very simple. The customer becomes a member of the network by opening an account with a propane partner. Depending on the number of drivers, several access cards can be linked to the same account. Access cards will be used to unlock the pump during fillings and link the transaction to the account. Invoices are usually sent to you by email and are subject to your supplier’s payment terms.

Access to filling station is greatly facilitated

  • A single propane supplier throughout Quebec
  • One price, anywhere
  • The possibility of combining the volumes of several vehicles or places of business to obtain the best price per litre for propane
  • Access to a multitude of detailed reports
  • Quick access to the nearest mechanical service point, anywhere in Quebec

Access card: a solution tailored to your needs in auto propane

Are you a fleet management customer? Get informed! Under certain conditions, the cards of the main fleet management companies can generally be directly integrated into the management system of the Alliance AutoPropane network to allow you to set a limit to the number of cards to have on hand. Fillings billing can also be integrated with your other products or services provided by the company that issued your current card. Everything has been thought out so that you can manage your fleet with autopropane simply and efficiently!

Condition for issuing the access card

Obtaining an access card involves a short training course of a few hours, as provided for in Quebec regulations regarding the handling of propane. This training (100-02) is available from certified trainers within each propane partner.