Obtain Access card

The access card: a must-have!

The Alliance AutoPropane card is more than just a card: it’s your assurance of a reliable autogas supply, wherever you happen to be in Quebec. A single card gives you access to our entire network.

Moreover, if you have a fleet of autogas-powered vehicles, several cards can be issued to a single account. That way, all purchases will appear on a monthly statement, with a sub-total per card. You will benefit from a single billing on the whole network and get consumption reports by accessing the customer area. Over time, this will allow you to define consumption profiles and see if productivity can be improved. Each access card terminal also provides a printed receipt allowing you to counter check purchases.

The Alliance AutoPropane card also gives you access to:

  • 24-hour assistance for station operation
  • One service number for all your questions

Request your access card from your nearest Alliance AutoPropane station today!