• The Alliance AutoPropane experience

    The customer experience at Alliance AutoPropane is ensured primarily by the quality of our conversion centres and our unrivalled know-how in the field of auto propane. Many customers have placed their trust in us and have made substantial savings on their vehicle or transport fleet.

    “Just a few words to show how satisfied I am with the 2 propane school buses I purchased. After 8 months of operation, we noticed a drop in maintenance and oil change costs and we removed the urea.” Sylvain Bernier, Autobus Bernier

    “After 24 months of operating propane-fuelled vehicles, we have every intention of acquiring new propane units. Thanks to Alliance AutoPropane, we have access to propane in our lot as well as through public filling stations, which makes managing our daily operations so much easier.” Pierre Perron, Intercar

    “A technical assistance service 24h/24 by the contractor ensures us constant and sustained support on the territory in spite of our limited quantity of auto patrols. We recommend the propane/gasoline hybrid systems, and we believe that they can be a valuable asset to your organization.” Saguenay City Police Service, Louis Philippe Fournier